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Outsourced IT Services
SeekZen Systems offers ongoing IT support through our Managed IT Services plans and pre-paid plans. By signing up for one of these options, we become your virtual IT department.  By doing this, you can count on us to deal with your company's day-to-day computing issues every day of the year. Your company gains access to corporate-level IT support without paying the high overhead in terms of headcount or training.  Here are a few benefits of our plans:
    Access to a wide range of expertise in networking, system administration, and helpdesk support
    • Microsoft-certified staff.
    • Over 15 years of experience in the technology field
    • Technical expertise of multiple highly trained support engineers.
    • Accurate & unbiased advice and purchasing on all your technology needs - in order to remain unbiased, we do not resell any products.

    IT support services when you need it most

    • Available anytime - nights, weekends, and even holidays.  This alleviates the worries of having to find a backup for your IT support system.
    • Guaranteed response times - all issues are guaranteed to be responded to within 4 business hours, no matter how small.  Most issues are worked on within an hour.
    • Emergency paging system for 24-hour support.
    • Personalized assistance from people that understand you and your business.

    Provides peace of mind at a rate that fits your budget

    • Two types of support plans to fit any budget
    • .
      • Pre-paid- Intended for the small office or for projects with higher discounted rates.  Our pre-paid plans provide the same level of service and discounted rates as our NS-series plans, without any yearly commitments or monthly payments.
      • NS-series - Intended for companies with 5 - 100+ employees who require our most comprehensive support services. 
        • NS-series plans have a set monthly rate in order to allow you to budget your IT spending throughout the year. 
        • All plan hours may be rolled over month-to-month or year-to-year so you never lose support hours.
    • Travel costs are waived under any plan.
    • All plans include discounted hourly rates without any hidden costs. Plans are discounted up to 46% off!
    • Documentation is important - all work performed is fully documented, along with itemized work statements monthly.
At SeekZen Systems, we believe that you should not have to worry about technology while you are trying to grow and maintain your business. Let us maintain your computing infrastructure, so you can concentrate on your core business.

For more answers to your questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

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